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We work diligently to keep everything as local as we can, right down to our labeling and packaging.

Acadian Maple

Acadian Maple Products is a family run business just a few minutes down the road. They have been prevalent in the maple industry in Nova Scotia for more than thirty years, working hard to create unique products. Their maple syrup is the crucial ingredient in our Maple Sausage and can be used in many recipes. We also carry their sweet treats.

Laughing whale coffee co.

The story of Laughing Whale Coffee dates back to when Steve, our roaster, was travelling around Europe during his university years. He fell in love with the artisanally roasted and brewed espresso that he encountered in every small town café. Returning to his then home of Washington state, he wanted to learn everything he could about coffee. When the first Starbucks opened just around the corner from his Seattle apartment, he found himself in a frontrow seat for the renaissance of the small, independent coffee roasting movement.Today, Steve and his partner, Deborah, operate Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters in the UNESCO heritage village of Lunenburg Nova Scotia. This community of shipbuilders, artists, fishermen and tradespeople have a legacy of pride in detailed craftsmanship and community values. All this dovetails well with Laughing Whale's passion for providing small-batch, carefully roasted and artfully blended coffees (all certified Fair Trade and organic - of course!) to customers near and far. The combination of the finest of traditional practices with the latest in roasting technology provides the platform to create truly exceptional coffee. 

lure caramel co.

Each chocolate is crafted by hand - from start to finish. The caramel is handmade and hand poured into the molds, the chocolate is tempered and then each piece is dipped. The boxes are stamped, packed and tied all by hand!

goodmore kombucha

Organic teas, natural botanicals, and made with care on the shores of Lake Banook, Nova Scotia. A variety of delicious options like Oolong Rooibos Rose, Black Ginger, White Elderflower Ginger, Green Mint Chamomile, Oolong Hop Cardamom, or Green Rosehip Hibiscus. 

tucker's treats

A family-run local business, started by a local woman and her children as a fundraiser for a school trip, the business has blossomed. Using natural ingredients the treats are sure to satisfy the cravings of your beloved pet. We have both big-bones for special treats and variety packs for a little something extra. 

cabbage patch kimchi

Kimchi is a tangy and sometimes spicy fermented Korean condiment that dates back as far as the 7th century. It’s a non-dairy probiotic rich in vitamins A, B, and C that helps with digestion and replenishes the stomach’s microflora. It’s a delicious low-fat, high-fibre staple that anyone can enjoy. Kimchi, like other fermented foods, is a delicious and fun way to spice up your favourite recipes: salads, poutine, pulled pork! Kimchi is made through the process of lacto-fermentation and has many health benefits. Notably, natural probiotics which: calm the immune system, reduce inflammation, shorten the duration and severity of colds, reduce allergic responses, reduce anxiety, decrease cholesterol, and speed up metabolism.

Krispi Kraut

The Lunenburg company has perfected this traditional sausage accompaniment. From sausages to corned pork it makes a wonderfully healthy addition to any meal! With a crisp crunch and many health benefits, you are sure to be a sauerkraut lover!

The halifax spice company is a locally owned business established in 2003. They started with a unique blend of herbs and spices called the "trade winds spice blend" that adds special flavour to steaks, burgers, pork, poultry, vegetables, soups, eggs, popcorn and an uncommon treat on seafood. There are now many products including a very popular pasta spice for meat sauce, a salt free blend and a delicious sweet and hot mustard. 

hfx spice co.

It all began with generations of family meals where farm-fresh, wholesome pork would always make its way to the table. Long, hard days working Ontario fields gave our farmers pride in the land, and in the hogs they raised. Our founders knew that if they worked together, they could share the pork that their families loved with the rest of the world. That dream to share our premium pork continues to inspire us. We care about every part of the process, from the grains we grow to feed our hogs, to the quality of the meat we serve. Every farm is family-owned and operated and has been producing pork for decades. Today we bring the same care we’ve always had to everything we do. We came together, not only as a group of proud farmers but as a family.

ContestogA MEATS

With a mission to offer their customers French authentic certified organic breads and viennoiseries using traditional artisanal baking methods. They deliver fresh certified organic breads and pastries while matching our desire to support the environment from beginning to end, offering healthy food, using high quality ingredients, following organic standards and procedures and supporting local farmers.

boulangerie la VEnDeENE

Hardy Wares is a home-based business built around a passion for re-creating that nostalgic taste of days gone by. They stay true to making every flavour in small batches just like the generational recipes. Since 2008, they have been working very hard delivering a quality line of jellies, jams, garnishes, and pickled items that will rekindle your tastes and memories of homemade foods.

hardy wares

First generation Bee Keepers, Paul and Lori Kittilsen, have a passion for bees. The Kittilsens’ business is based on pollination to the blueberry industry and the production of honey and beeswax. When asked what they would most like to share with their consumers, the Kittilsens replied “We would love to have people understand and appreciate how significant bees are in the production of their food.”

kittlesen honey

Incorporated in 2003, Atlantic Beef Products is a state-of-the-art beef processing facility that marries old world farming traditions with leading edge processing resulting in a superior product thanks to a wholesome supply of responsibly raised cattle plus our own exacting requirements for handling, processing and distribution. We are federally inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency which ensures the highest quality of food safety.  With a shared objective of a strong local beef industry, Atlantic Beef Products is the culmination of the vision, dedication and cooperation of key people and groups – cattle farmers, the beef industry, federal and provincial governments — all working together towards a growing contribution to the Atlantic Canada economy.